This commission was done for a customer's kitchen in Staffordshire. The fabrics left over from their  bespoke blinds were given to me to include in the embroidery so that the piece co ordinated perfectly in the room above the Aga. The décor in the house and the taste of the clients was beautifully simple and hence so was the commission. 

Please contact me if you would like a commission to compliment a specific room in your house.

A poppy embroidery (25x50cm) designed to complement the colour scheme of a lounge where it is now hung. The leaves of each poppy are made using treasured shirt fabric which had belonged to the customers' Father who had passed away. The embroidery now has great significance to all the family.

Counting to Eighty

This is an embroidery for an Eightieth birthday present. She's a keen bird lover and there is a poppy to represent each year of her life!

I loved doing this piece which represents a family of three; Daughter, Mum and Dad in my classic bird style. The debate was over who should be the tallest in the embroidery. As time goes by the likelihood is that it will be the youngest but they decided that Dad could stay forever tallest in this embroidery!

This was a joyous commission to do for an a cartoonist who approached me with a rough sketch to base an embroidery of his wife and son perfecting his walking skills through the forest. Their favourite coats will remain in embroidery forever!